I finally got around to getting my first proper star trail. This is a 1 hour exposure (actually 113 30-second exposures) taken from a field above the A381 at Ware Barton. This view is looking east down the Teign Estuary. Notice the plane travelling from the right hand edge towards the centre. The green light is a signal on the railway next to the river. It didn't change once so I guess there are no trains running tonight. The blur at the bottom behind the fence post is a double-decker bus. I thought I had positioned the camera to block out most of the traffic, but I didn't allow for buses. After checking in Stellarium, I have some star names. The most prominent, yellow coloured one on the right is actually Saturn. Directly to its left is Denebola. The faint yellowy/green star below and between them is o Vir. The bright blue star at the top right is Regulus. Arcturus is the bright white/yellow star rising at bottom left with fainter Muphrid leading it. At top left, the bright blue star is Cor Caroli.
Date taken: 15 March 2009

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