Tors Near Batworthy Car Park (SX662865)

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Tor or Hill Distance from Car Park Bearing from Car Park Difficulty Rating What's This?
Kes Tor0.39Km (0.24 Miles)137°0.72
Scorhill Tor0.68Km (0.42 Miles)328°1.19
Middle Tor1.03Km (0.64 Miles)138°1.86
Thornworthy Tor1.38Km (0.86 Miles)173°2.53
Frenchbeer Rock1.46Km (0.91 Miles)140°2.58
Gidleigh Tor1.5Km (0.93 Miles)35°2.51
Stone Tor1.58Km (0.98 Miles)240°2.83
Buttern Hill2.35Km (1.46 Miles)337°4.26
Coombe Tor2.45Km (1.52 Miles)76°3.75
Rival Tor2.54Km (1.58 Miles)309°4.59
Manga Rock2.71Km (1.69 Miles)254°5.07
Lowton Rocks3.05Km (1.89 Miles)170°5.46
Meldon Hill3.34Km (2.08 Miles)98°5.92
Watern Tor3.37Km (2.09 Miles)276°6.77
Hemstone Rocks3.41Km (2.12 Miles)207°6.27
Kennon Hill3.42Km (2.12 Miles)325°6.58
Shilstone Tor3.65Km (2.27 Miles)354°6.09
Hound Tor (Throwleigh)4.12Km (2.56 Miles)307°8.05
Nattadon Tor4.12Km (2.56 Miles)89°6.89
Wild Tor4.14Km (2.57 Miles)287°8.35
Little Hound Tor4.52Km (2.81 Miles)319°8.81
Hangingstone Hill4.56Km (2.83 Miles)264°9.77
Assycombe Hill4.57Km (2.84 Miles)177°8.95
Sittaford Tor4.63Km (2.88 Miles)219°9.39
Whitehorse Hill4.66Km (2.89 Miles)256°9.97
Steeperton Tor4.91Km (3.05 Miles)297°9.91
Quintins Man4.93Km (3.06 Miles)237°10.1
Metheral Hill4.98Km (3.1 Miles)308°9.42