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I've set myself the challenge of visiting every tor or hill on Dartmoor, and nabbing a photo or two at the top. Below is a summary of my progress. The start date is the day I created this page: 15th November, 2007.

As of November 2010, at least two other people have created websites based on this list, and are trying to get round them all too.
Tim Jenkinson's excellent flickr photostream, in particular his Lesser Known Tors of Dartmoor set has proved to be invaluable, if a little demoralising!

In the 4624 days since I decided to do this, I have visited 263 out of 326 tors, gaining 526 stars according to my rating system. I'm 81% of the way there, with 63 remaining (19 inaccessible).


I'm visiting Dartmoor at a rate of 17.58 days per tor.
At this rate:
I reached 100 tors on Saturday 29th November, 2008
I reached the halfway point on Saturday, 27th March, 2010;
I reached 200 tors on Saturday 22nd January, 2011;

I will reach 300 tors in 650 days, which is Sunday, Apr 24, 2022 and
I will have visited every tor in
1107 days, which will be Tuesday, Jul 25, 2023, at about 4:34pm!

Peek Hill

Peek Hill - Saturday, Nov 29, 2008

Bit of a shame this one, as I have a photo of it from Sharpitor, only 483 metres away, but as I didn't actually go there, I'm not claiming it yet. I visited Sharpitor before I decided to visit every tor, so walking the short distance to Peek Hill didn't seem important.

I eventually visited 517 days after visiting Sharpitor, in November 2008. I'd since learnt that there was a Royal Observer Corps underground bunker on Peek Hill, and although it has long since been demolished above ground and blocked up, it is still obvious.

Animated map showing the tors in the order I have visited them:

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Tors marked with an asterisk (*) are not (in theory) open to the public and probably won't be visited. At present there are 19 tors that cannot be visited.

There are more than a few sites out there that are using this list of tors without crediting me. For the avoidance of all doubt, this list of tors is my own work and represents a significant expenditure of time and effort on my part. If you use it for any purpose, please credit me and link back to this site.

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Leather TorSX562699376m (1233ft)Yes! - Photos on Saturday, Nov 29, 2008Show on OS MapDetails
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Peek HillSX556699400m (1312ft)Yes! - Photos on Saturday, Nov 29, 2008Show on OS MapDetails
Sharpitor (Burrator)SX559703404m (1325ft)Yes! - Photos on Sunday, Jul 1, 2007Show on OS MapDetails

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