Dartmoor Tors

Rowden Tor
Grid Reference: SX699758
Elevation: 355m
Visited? Yes! - Photos on Monday, May 12, 2008, the 50th tor I visited.
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Rowden Tor
Rowden Tor - Monday, May 12, 2008
Rowden Tor is not marked on the maps, and is relatively small, but it offers fantastic views to the south. I parked at Dunstone Down and walked via Wind Tor.

Access Details:
5 Nearest car parks Grid Ref Distance From Tor Direction Height Gain Difficulty (what's this?)
Dunstone DownSX7077630.89Km (0.56Miles)62°14m (46ft)
Middle CatorSX6807621.87Km (1.16Miles)282°20m (66ft)
Locks Gate CrossSX6967392Km (1.24Miles)188°58m (190ft)
Widecombe VillageSX7197682.23Km (1.38Miles)64°113m (371ft)
Yar TorSX6827392.62Km (1.63Miles)221°35m (115ft)