Dartmoor Tors

Prowtytown Rocks
Grid Reference: SX528745
Elevation: 297m
Visited? Yes! - Photos on Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011, the 241st tor I visited.
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Prowtytown Rocks
Prowtytown Rocks - Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011
Prowtytown Rocks are actually quite a large outcrop, but are normally approached from above, so they are easily overlooked. The rock doesn't look like normal granite, so it's probably the same stuff that makes up the nearby Cox Tor.

Access Details:
5 Nearest car parks Grid Ref Distance From Tor Direction Height Gain Difficulty (what's this?)
Whitchurch Common WestSX5317510.67Km (0.42Miles)25°32m (105ft)
Whitchurch CommonSX5347510.9Km (0.56Miles)45°30m (98ft)
Whitchurch Common EastSX5397501.2Km (0.75Miles)64°28m (92ft)
Oakley CottageSX5277321.27Km (0.79Miles)187°56m (184ft)
Lawn CornerSX5297692.4Km (1.49Miles)48m (157ft)