Dartmoor Tors

Leeden Tor
Grid Reference: SX563717
Elevation: 389m
Visited? Yes! - Photos on Sunday, Feb 1, 2009, the 104th tor I visited.
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Leeden Tor
Leeden Tor - Sunday, Feb 1, 2009
Leeden Tor is quite a widely scattered tor, with 4 or 5 large outcrops over a wide area. I didn't spend too long looking around here as I was concentrating hard on remaining upright in the wind. Nice views in all directions though.

Access Details:
5 Nearest car parks Grid Ref Distance From Tor Direction Height Gain Difficulty (what's this?)
Leeden TorSX5607090.82Km (0.51Miles)197°41m (135ft)
SharpitorSX5577061.17Km (0.73Miles)209°20m (66ft)
Walkhampton CommonSX5757251.48Km (0.92Miles)55°26m (85ft)
Devils BridgeSX5817292.16Km (1.34Miles)56°10m (33ft)
Norsworthy BridgeSX5686932.46Km (1.53Miles)167°160m (525ft)