Dartmoor Tors

Hedge Tor
Grid Reference: SX734786
Elevation: 401m
Visited? Yes! - Photos on Friday, Apr 29, 2011, the 213th tor I visited.
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Hedge Tor
Hedge Tor - Friday, Apr 29, 2011
Hedge Tor is quite substantial and it's surprising that it isn't shown on any OS maps. An easy walk from the main road to Hound Tor.

Access Details:
5 Nearest car parks Grid Ref Distance From Tor Direction Height Gain Difficulty (what's this?)
Swallerton GateSX7397920.73Km (0.46Miles)41°43m (141ft)
Bonehill NorthSX7307751.18Km (0.73Miles)200°24m (79ft)
BonehillSX7327741.23Km (0.77Miles)190°24m (79ft)
Bonehill SouthSX7327731.3Km (0.81Miles)190°27m (89ft)
Top TorSX7347671.87Km (1.16Miles)180°8m (26ft)