Dartmoor Tors

Dewerstone Rock
Grid Reference: SX537638
Elevation: 175m
Visited? Yes! - Photos on Saturday, Jun 25, 2011, the 217th tor I visited.
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Dewerstone Rock
Dewerstone Rock - Saturday, Jun 25, 2011
Visited years and years ago, possibly around 1987-1988 on a Scout weekend camp. No photos that I can find, and even if I could, I wouldn't claim it yet.
Eventually visited again in 2011. I walked via the relatively flat route from Cadover Bridge, stopping at Cadworthy Tor on the way. There are lots of interesting things inscribed on the granite, but I couldn't work out what any of them said.

Access Details:
5 Nearest car parks Grid Ref Distance From Tor Direction Height Gain Difficulty (what's this?)
Shaugh PriorSX5336360.52Km (0.32Miles)249°92m (302ft)
Beatland CornerSX5456251.49Km (0.92Miles)148°25m (82ft)
Cadover BridgeSX5556461.98Km (1.23Miles)63°33m (108ft)
ClearbrookSX5186502.33Km (1.45Miles)303°3m (10ft)
Brisworthy BarrowsSX5606442.36Km (1.47Miles)75°40m (131ft)