Dartmoor Tors GPS file downloads

I have plotted the positions of what I reckon are the majority of the Tors and hills on Dartmoor. I make no guarantee that they are all there, and these files will be subject to change as and when I find new Tors. Click the icons to download the files.

All files last revised December 16th, 2010 (History)

  Memory Map Overlay (.mmo)
Use to import directly into Memory Map software. Can be viewed on top of any loaded map, and then transferred to a handheld GPS or PDA.
  Garmin point database (.gdb)
Import the Tors directly to your Garmin GPS device.

  Comma Separated Values (.csv)
Open in any text editor, Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

  Magellan Explorist Marks (.upt)
Waypoints for Magellan handheld GPS devices (Right click -> Save as...)


  GPS eXchange format. (Right click -> Save as...)

  Google Earth (.kml)
View all the Tors in Google Earth. This file is always more up to date than the file posted to the Google Earth Community BB. The Tors don't move, but their coordinates might as and when I visit them! (Right click -> Save as...)

Whilst I believe the positions of these Tors are accurate, you should never rely solely on this data for navigation. Always carry a paper map and compass with you on the moor. I accept no responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of using these files.

Revision History:

16th December, 2010
Corndon Tor North added
Devils Tor Outcrop added
Vag Hill Tor added
Tors End Tor added
Sharp Tor (Chinkwell) added
Narrow Tor added
Little Down Tor added
Little Whiten Tor added
Hedge Tor added
Snappers Tor position amended
Middleworth Tor position amended

14th December, 2010
Old Hill Tor added
Rouge Tor added

26th November, 2010
Cadworthy Tor added
Leighon Tor added
Hexton Tor added
Little Tor added
Middleworth Tor added

3rd June, 2010
Latchell Tor added
Kingshead Tor added
Langworthy Tor added
Sladestone Tor added
Rugglestone Rock added

22nd January, 2009
Black Rocks added
Broada Stones added
Broadun Rocks added
Cherrybrook Rocks added
Lowton Rocks added
Prince Hall Rocks added
Setters Rocks added

12th May, 2008:
Rowden Tor position amended after visit

24th April, 2008:
Shovel Stone position amended after visit
Lucy Tor added

22nd April, 2008:
Tunhill Rocks position amended after visit
Whittaburrow added

19th April, 2008:
Harton Chest added
Ter Hill added
Skir Hill added
Quickbeam Hill added
Piles Hill added
Okement Hill added
Naker's Hill added
Longstone Hill added
Brent Hill added
Assycombe Hill added
Manga Rock added
Hemstone Rocks added
Black Rock added
Was Tor added
Shilstone Tor added
Sharpitor (Lustleigh) added
Raven's Tor (Lydford) added
Ottery Tor added
Nattadon Tor added
Slipper Stones added
Shovel Stone added
Great Gnat's Head added
Little Gnat's Head added
Watchett Hill added
Gripper's Hill added
East Hill added
Whittenknowles Rocks added
Prowtytown Rocks added
Logwell Rock added
Shaptor Rock position amended

17th April, 2008:
Black Hill added
Clay Tor added
East Tor added
Ivy Tor added
Little Combe Tor added
Little Cox Tor added
Little Fox Tor added
Luckey Tor added
Maiden Tor added
Over Tor added
Snappers Tor added

15th April, 2008:
Emsworthy Rocks: Position amended after visit

14th April, 2008:
Ashbury Tor added
Burra Tor added
Claig Tor added

31st March 2008:
Brimhill Tor added
Kent's Tor added
Bullaton Rock added
Cleft Rock added
Coombe Tor added
Fox Tor (Mary Tavy) added
High Tor added
Longtimber Tor added
Longash added

6th March 2008:
Lowery Tor added
Shadyback Tor position amended

2nd March 2008:
File creation

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