List of GPS Tracks

This is a bit of a temporary stop gap until I can think of something clever to do with these tracks. For now, the links below will take you an Ordnance Survey map showing the actual route I recorded with my GPS, together with all the photos I took nearby.

Aish TorProfile
Arch TorProfile
Beardown and Lydford TorsProfile
Bel TorProfile
Birch TorProfile
Blackadon TorProfile
Blacka TorProfile
Black DunghillProfile
Black Tor and Shipley TorProfile
Bray TorProfile
Brent HillProfile
Buckland BeaconProfile
Chat TorProfile
Combshead Tor and Cuckoo RockProfile
Cramber TorProfile
Cranmere PoolProfile
Cut HillProfile
Dartmoor RailwayProfile
Dartmoor Railway FullProfile
Dewerstone RockProfile
Ducks Pool and Black RocksProfile
Easdon TorProfile
East Mill and Oke TorsProfile
Emsworthy RocksProfile
Flying LessonProfile
Fox Tor Attempt 1Profile
Froward PointProfile
Gibbet HillProfile
Greattor RocksProfile
Grippers HillProfile
Gutter TorProfile
Hameldown BeaconProfile
Hangershell RockProfile
Hangingstone HillProfile
Hartland TorProfile
Hayne DownProfile
Hedge TorProfile
Higher White TorProfile
Honeybag TorProfile
Honeybag Tor LetterboxingProfile
Hunters TorProfile
Kennon HillProfile
King TorProfile
Kitty TorProfile
Kit RocksProfile
Knattaborough TorProfile
Luckey TorProfile
Lynch TorProfile
M62 Drainage SurveyProfile
Manaton RocksProfile
Meldon HillProfile
Meldon Viaduct and DamProfile
Merripit HillProfile
Pew TorProfile
Quickbeam Hill and the White BarrowsProfile
Rouge TorProfile
Rough TorProfile
Roundhill TorProfile
Royal HillProfile
Rugglestone RockProfile
Ryders HillProfile
Scorhill TorProfile
Sheeps TorProfile
Shell TopProfile
Shovel StoneProfile
Sittaford TorProfile
Smallacombe RocksProfile
Sourton TorProfile
South HessaryProfile
Stone TorProfile
Tavy CleaveProfile
Teignmouth Bike RideProfile
Three BarrowsProfile
Tunhill RocksProfile
Ugborough BeaconProfile
Western BeaconProfile
White TorProfile
Wild TorProfile
Wind TorProfile
Yar TorProfile
Yes TorProfile

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